Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MEXICO CITY (part 1)

Addendum or follow ups (to the video):
I didn't edit the video because I'm exhausted and there won't be time later this week. So rather than promise to post it then never get around to it, I thought I'd post it "raw" ... warts and all... 
The hotel didn't charge me for breakfast! The St. Regis is simply the best. 
The butler service is standard for all guests!
It rained all day today so I didn't get to see as much street art as I'd planned. 
You can buy tickets to the Frida Kahlo museum online and that saves you from the immense queue outside! 
I never ended up taking the tourist bus - just taxi'd and Uber'ed everywhere since it was raining so hard and that was very affordable.
Sundays, restaurants here close around 6 and won't seat you after 5pm! Very frustrating.
I managed to squeeze in a little football! Watched the match between America (Mexico City's team) and Guadalajara. The stadium seats more that 100,000 people! 
Did I actually show you my undies?
I took an inordinate amount of selfies.... 
Now, here are a few more pics...

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