Thursday, April 14, 2016

True Love is Friendship

Last night's show was .... ok... ah, hell, actually it was a calamity of errors... (I forgot so many lines, we had a tiny audience, one of my castmate's cars broke down so he only arrive 10 minutes before the show was to was just weird energy all around...) But there was a beautiful, SURPRISE silver lining! I was so upset at my mistakes during the show that I didn't even want to come out and take a bow at the end of the show, but I had to - and when I did, I heard cheers. For me???? No way! Not tonight! Then.....I saw these two amazing friends of mine in the audience! They had come all the way from Manhattan to Westfield, NJ over an hour away! Just to support me. AMAZING. I was stunned. This show only plays in New Jersey and while all the venues are very accessible by public transit, it's JERSEY so I didn't actually expect anyone I know to actually come, at all. Manhattanites will barely go to Brooklyn, let alone "easy-Jersey" like Jersey City or Hoboken. So to come deep into Jersey like this is unthinkable. But THEY did. And they managed to keep it a secret from me (another major feat!). I'm so impressed and my heart was so warmed. Friends like these remind you that you are truly loved. 

I never expect anyone to do anything "extra" for me, that's why it blew me away. 
I'm beyond grateful. 
So we went out for drinks after the show and got silly...

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