Friday, March 11, 2016

Wanna Know A Secret?

Confession: I never celebrate my birthday with anyone because I'm afraid that no one would show up.

So I never organize parties or dinners or drinks or any kind of get-together for it. I pass the day as unassumingly as possible, alone - with zero expectations and never mention the occasion. And I never advertise the date. So most people don't even know when it is. But today, at work, my colleagues blew my cover and my heart almost burst with surprise and appreciation. I still can't believe it. Yes, of course, Facebook love always makes you smile (we love seeing our timelines getting flooded with bday wishes), but as warmly as many of those those posts might be, you know that they are all prompted and kind of .... effortless. (?) What my colleagues did, in the end, were just little things, but for someone like me who's perpetually thinking that no one cares, it meant so much. They'll never really know. And I'll never really say. But these sweet little things literally made my day. That these folks bothered at all to actually make me feel special kinda blows my mind. Little things mean a lot...


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