Sunday, February 7, 2016

Skiing in Morzine, France

Right after Christmas, I got a hankering to ski. It had been about 15 years since I'd been on the slopes, but suddenly, I needed it. Problem: no one I know was interested. So somehow on Google I found PistePals, a travel group for solos.....and they made my dream come true! One week in the French Alps (in Morzine located in the Haute Savoie about 90mins from Geneva, Switzerland), staying in a catered, luxury chalet for less than it would cost me in Jackson Hole, Park City, upstate New York, Banff....anywhere closer really. So I booked it and Jan 17-24 had the best ski week since my 8th grade ski trip!
20 of us shared an 11 bedroom chalet outfitted with an outdoor jacuzzi (sipping wine in that hot tub while it snows around you = so sexy), a sauna, an award winning chef, Sharif Gergis (who competed on MasterChef!), in-house ski rental and maintenance, full service bar, fireplace.... It was heaven! PistePals caters to solo *not singles* travel, so the vibe in the house was convivial, very social, but not douchey. Since it had been so long, I wasn't sure I could still ski, so I took ski classes with ESF in the mornings, then skied for hours on my own or with chalet-mates in the afternoons and that really upped my level. (It's actually like riding a bike, you never un-learn it.) I'm still just blue slope girl, not ready for reds yet, but I'm hella proud that I held my own.
Most of my chalet-mates were British. Actually, most of the town is British (hmmmm, how do the French feel about their little town being so dominated by the English?...), but it was still nice to get away away (adventures aren't quite as exotic when everyone has your accent, are they?).
Anyway, we lucked out and had perfect weather and skiing conditions, everyone got along swimmingly (new friends!), the food was amazing, and I can't wait to go back next year!!!

1. Thanks to the Jonas blizzard in NYC, I got stuck overnight in Geneva on the way back, but the upside was that I got to know that sweet little city a bit and I'd go back there, too.

2. Right after booking the vacation, I watched the movie "And Then There Were None" which is about a group of strangers who arrive on an island to stay in a mansion for a weekend, then are killed off one by one... Ha! Thankfully, it wasn't a bad omen. ;-)

3. Some of the images below are not mine, they were taken by chalet-mates. And I was unfortunately, not there when two of them actually skied the notorious Swiss Wall aka La Chavanette! (One even did it twice)







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