Thursday, February 4, 2016

Last Year: September 2015


Weimar Berlin and Sailing Sardinia.

The third part of the trilogy of costume parties hosted by Dances of Vice themed "Sin Cities of the 1920s" was Weimar Berlin. My inspiration was a little bit from Cabaret and a lot from old photos of the wild, decadent, provocative Berlin entertainment scene of that era. One thing people don't really know is that before Paris became famous for jazz, all those jazz musicians - many Black Americans - were in Berlin. Berlin was the jazz spot. It was only after they started to catch a whiff of the new nastiness (Nazism) that they migrated to Paris. So this theme was exciting to me... Weimar Berlin pushed the envelope on "decency" I did, too.




Hitchhiking via BlaBlaCar toe the Cannes film festival in France back in May, I discovered BlaBlaSail aka SailSquare. Life changing. I call it Uber for Yachts, but that's not really it. It's part of the sharing economy. Probably impossible in the USA because of liability fears, insurance, yadda yadda yadda.... But it's thriving in countries like France and Italy and Germany. Bless them! So here's how it works. A licensed skipper with a boat posts where he/she plans to sail and how many extra people his boat can accommodate. He/She sets a price for that (nobody gets rich off this), people looking for a sailing vacation pick from those posts and once matches are made, you set sail together. And what follows is a communal yet exclusive sailing experience. What's in it for the skippers? It subsidizes the cost of their expensive hobby. The advantage for passengers like me is obvious, as it happens I don't have many friends with yachts I can sail on for free and chartering a boat is way out of the budget. And for all, you meet new people in a fun way. It's a win win for everyone. I chose Sardinia because I'd heard the beaches and coastline were stunning. And.......ohmygod! It wowed me! The Costa Smeralda literally took my breath away every day. Water so clear that we could see the anchor settle in 5 meters below. Skinny dipping at midnight under the stars with plankton lighting up around you under water. Dolphins swimming by! Snoozing in the sun on deck in a hammock. And the food..... Freshly prepared gourmet Italian meals 3-4x a day plus the wine...... Doing all that in the Caribbean for one week would have cost $3000-4000. Sailing Sardinia and Corsica for one week cost me 600 EURO, plus $600 for the round trip flight. Already planning my next sail......











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