Saturday, February 6, 2016

Last Year: October 2015

October 2015.

I went to the US Grand Prix. Going in Monaco got me hooked on seeing Formula One live. This time I booked a seat right on the starting line, front row, grand stand directly across from the pits. Incredible! I saw the crazy fast pit work, saw the starting line up, saw them shoot out, felt the rain off their tires, saw Lewis Hamilton win the championship right there. Beyond thrilling!!! (p.s. Nico Rosberg got so salty during Lewis Hamilton's victory celebrations that I kinda lost respect for him. No one likes a sore loser.) Also, I got to experience a bit of Austin, TX. Cool town. It rained that weekend so I couldn’t see much, but the place I stayed at was a lot of fun. The Firehouse is a hostel with a secret speakeasy bar behind a library wall. I love stuff like that. And like in Nice (for Monaco Grand Prix) pretty much everyone staying there had come to town for the race, so once again I made new friends from all around the world. Formula One gets a great international crowd.





Then came Halloween and another costume party…. This time the theme was Venetian Carnival.



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