Sunday, February 7, 2016

Last Year: November 2015

November was a blur. 
But the best part was an epic first date. As a lark, I suggested we meet in full black tie attire for casual brunch. He took me seriously, and when I realized he was going for it, I went for it, too! Seemed like a fun challenge and it would definitely turn a nerve wracking first date into an adventure. I figured, looking ridiculously overdressed would bond us even if we weren't compatible. Inspiration was this Quantum of Solace poster.... And....... it worked! He showed up in a full tuxedo and blew me away. I’d squeezed into a slinky floor length gold number. He was sitting with him back to the entrance when I walked in, but he was facing a mirror. I saw him immediately, our eyes locked in the mirror and we both smiled. Co-conspirators in our private rebel adventure. That's how it began.
Anyway...the rest of the month was cool, too....



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