Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last Year: May 2015

A new look and a weekend in the south of France.

I've been wearing my hair in box braids for so long that I got bored. Time for a new look. I've done long and I've done short (my pixie back in 2010 was the bomb), but I hadn't don't the middle - so it had to be a bob. And I figured th best place to go would be the best damn weave stylist I'd ever had, Amoy Pitters. I went, it cost me a fortune, but it look so amazing (in the beginning). Unfortunately, the look didn't work for me after the first week or two. It had been a long time since I'd worn a weave so maybe that was it... Whatever. I couldn't keep it looking as hot as all the models and celebrities she does. But it was a fun change and a good impetus to switch up my look more regularly.





Later that month, I went to Cannes and Monaco for the film festival and the Grand Prix. Was I invited to the festival because of my amazing new short film called French Lesson? Ha! No. But I wanted to be there while the magic was happening. And having grown up watching Schumacher racing (and now being a huge Hamilton fan), I wanted to be in the ultimate place to watch Formula One live.

So I flew to Paris, then hitchhiked (via Covoiturage aka BlaBlaCar) south to Nice (10hr ride) where I stayed at a hostel downtown. The place was perfect because everyone there was there for the same reason as me. So we all shared tips and notes.... I spent Saturday in Cannes where I had an enchanted day. Sunday in Monaco where I had an even better day! And Monday, after some hiccups, I got the last seat on a morning train to Paris. (Side note: before the immigrant tragedies in places like Lampedusa and Kos became big news, I saw a bit of the misery of the northern migration in Nice. The small train station was overwhelmed by migrants occupying it in order to obtain passage north  - perhaps to Calais to move on the UK? - sleeping in front of the station at night and queuing each morning in the ticket office. I couldn't discern exactly what they were getting or missing there but of the dozens of them there, each time only one or two people got out. They were clearly suffering and waiting. It felt perverse to just shuffle by them, heading to our "glamorous events".) Definitely saw many different shades of our humanity in those few days. What a weekend...

It was a whirlwind adventure.  I didn't sleep much and it was worth every minute.






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