Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last Year: January 2015

I'm sitting here thinking about how lucky I am. I'm sitting here thankful that I have what I have, am who/what I am, know what I know and feel what I feel. And all of that is by the grace of whatever star has guided this life and whatever (however limited) brain capacity I have to take it all in.... So I'm also thinking of "yesteryear" and what it gave me. What follows will be twelve posts, one for each month in 2015, relaying what I did, learned, saw, thought, felt.....what made each month last year important to me. It's taken me a while to pen this because I will have to face the emergency room of all the urgent creative projects that I abandoned - all my unfinished great ideas waiting for triage, waiting to be given life. Here goes.

I told myself, I would create a piece of art every month and present it to the public (even if that just meant posting it to social media). Also, after the relation-shit I went through 2014 and my subsequent revolting weight gain, I wanted to kick off with something that made me feel attractive again. Enter Shameless Photography (boudoir photo studio specializing in retro pin-up looks) and their ego-pumping Bombshell package. The plan was to use the shots to make a retro film poster (think 1950's film noir posters). Maxine and her team took fantastic care of me, dolled me up RIGHT (they were even able able to make proper victory rolls with my box braids and had a dream closet of costumes for me to wriggle in and out of). I love the shots. Wanted to immediately book another appointment with them. And while I never actually completed the next step of making the posters, it worked. I felt pretty again, desirable, sultry and interesting. Task incomplete, but mission accomplished and that was a damn good way to start the year.

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