Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last Year: April 2015

I made a movie! It's called "French Lesson".
Ok it's only a 10min short film.
There's only one actor (me).
And there's no dialogue.'s still a movie!
And I wrote and produced it!
(Hired a director)
I'm so proud of this project!
Ok, so the story is about sexting in a foreign language.
The main character is sexting with a Frenchman in french, but her French isn't great and neither is his English. And how does one say things like "lick your thighs", "the tip", "tie up" and "wet" that context? Usually, you can smile and grin through bits of a conversation that you don't understand, but that doesn't work in sexting. And online translation services only go so far in this vernacular.

With this film, I wanted to explore communication in two ways.
-- The sub-languages that one can only learn in the moment. (There's no school for foreign language sexting)
-- How we interact with screens for even the most intimate things.

What I'm most proud of, though, is the fact that I produced the shoot! Coordinating all the parties needed, all the supplies, and PAYING EVERYONE FAIR WAGES is admirable as far as I'm concerned, so yeah, I'm patting myself on the back big time for that. You have no idea how frustrating it is as an actor to be expected to work for free while filmmakers happily pay for equipment and supplies... I decided a while back that I'd no longer work for nothing and I'd never insult anyone by assuming their skill wasn't worth paying for either. Promise kept. Everyone on French Lesson (Director, DP, Make Up Artist, Catering....even the PA who showed up half a day late) got paid in full on time.










Shout out and huge thanks to:
Director: Jamal Jones
Director of Photography: Sean
Makeup Artist: Hiyatun
Production Assistant: Denden Girmay
Behind the Scenes Protography: Ray Schwartz


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