Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

So this past weekend, this happened...

Dances of Vice does the very best costume events! Theme was "Phantasmagorey", the setting was "Venetian Carneval". My inspiration baroque Venice. That night, I was a marchesa. Not even sure exactly what level of aristocracy that is, but I love the sound of the title.
I chose the full face mask because that's a tradition of Venetian Carneval, too, and I learned that those full faced masks had a particular sex appeal in that era. They were held in place by a protrusion that entered the mouth. It made speaking impossible with the mask on. So women wearing them would have to communicate solely with their bodies. And men found this alluring....these mysterious, nearly anonymous, silent women moving gracefully around them. Sexist? Maybe, but I love it! And it reminded me of mask work I've done in my acting studies...
God, I love costume events. If only I could do this every day - take random inspiration, come up with a character, create a complete look to bring it to life, then wear it out in a shared fantasy world.... That's got to be the underlying reason why I became an's all about the dress up for me. ;-)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Been Gone for A Minute....

Yeah, it's been a while.... Here's why. Two things:

1. Out of the blue, a marketing expert got in touch with me and had some serious constructive criticism of my online presence that made me think about a lot of things. He actually gave a lot of positive feedback, but did have some questions that I needed to take my time to think about.

2. I applied for a job with my favorite football (soccer) club as they were opening a new office in New York and I got an interview with the director during which he mentioned my social media posts and advised me of the club's conservative media policy. As soon as I got home, I made all my social media accounts private and closed this blog.

While I didn't get the job with the club and the well-meaning marketing expert couldn't actually provide anything concrete to help my career, I stayed quiet online thinking maybe things were better that way. But they weren't.

Lesson learned. Respectfully, I'll say what I want, when I want, where I want. Speaking my mind didn't keep my from a job and shutting up didn't get me one. Know yourself and be yourself.
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