Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Won't Say A Word

One of my daily newspaper reads is the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and its magazine has a regular photo series called "Sagen Sie jetzt nichts" ("say nothing now" or "don't say a word") in which celebrities are profiled and photographed answering 10 questions wordlessly.  I dig this idea and I'd like to try it here - and I'd like YOU to be involved.  The questions will come from YOU, my dear readers. :-) Ask me anything and I will answer it in a photograph then post all ten photo answers along with the questions anonymously.  ...And for my lurkers who don't like to reply on the blog, feel free to email me your questions at tzenanicole@gmail.com  :-)

Seriously, you can ask me ANYTHING you want and I'll answer it in a photo (and, no, this is not an April Fool's prank).  For some ideas, above are a few examples:

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