Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"First Kiss"

This morning, a dear friend sent me the sweetest video as a little birthday greeting and it melted my heart. Think about the last first kiss you had.  Was it awkward and nerve-wracking?  Was it with a (near) stranger? What did you say/feel the moment before and after?  How long did it last?  Was it sweet, scary, passionate, or just a peck...?  Here's the video.  I promise you you'll smile and start to think about your own wonderful & strange first kisses...


p.s. Once, I asked a friend for advice about a new guy I was dating about whom I was having doubts.  My friend immediately asked, "How're the kisses?".  I said, "Fine. Why?".  His answer was, "That's a bad sign. You gotta love the kisses or it'll never work."  Turned out he was right.  And his rule has applied 100% since then.  I've gotta love the kisses.  And the first one tells me everything.

UPDATE! Oy. Have you read my About Me section about trust?... Ugh, nothing is what it seems. This video wasn't a piece of experimental art. It was an advertisement! Blech. Not quite as cute and touching now. 

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