Sunday, March 30, 2014

Actresses I'm Watching: Florence Kasumba

You know that I want to work in German films, so when, while watching Tatort today, I saw this actress, I immediately felt joy - and no, not one bit of jealousy.  Stop it.  Her name is Florence Kasumba.  She was born in Uganda, but raised in Germany and is based in my hometown, Berlin.  But most importantly, she seems to have a lock-down on all the African Female roles on Tatort (she's been on it three times)!  I need to break that streak.  ;-)  I'm coming for you, Florence.

Seriously, though, she's an impressive and talented woman with a strong television repertoire, who got her start in musical theatre and I hope we see her soon cross over to film in and outside of the European market.  I'm always excited to see people who look like me working!  :-)

in Aida das Musical 
in Mamma Mia   
Florence Kasumba in SOKO Wien  

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