Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's the very first thing you said today when you woke up?

What's the first thing you said today?  Can you remember?

I was wondering about this last summer when I was analyzing how I talk and what I say....
Living alone, sometimes I go hours without speaking (and then sometimes I talk to myself for hours, but that's another story...).  That got me thinking about how what we say to ourselves in private different from what we say to other people?

I'd like to record friends, but I thought I should start with me.  So from July 28th to August 3rd, I did a little study.  I left a voice recorder (on my iphone!) on when I went to sleep so that it would capture my first words once I woke up.  (My very professional technique for placing the recorder close yet unobtrusive was to tuck the phone into my bra.  High tech!)  The purpose of setting the recorder the night before was to forget it and be able express myself un-self-consciously the next morning.  It worked.  Each morning, I just started babbling as normal without even thinking about the recorder.

Some days, my first words were uttered while I was just waking up, some days I had been up for a while before speaking.  Some days I was talking to myself, some days I was talking to back to the radio, some days I was talking to another person.  Here's the result. (I haven't had the nerve to listen to it more than once, because it's a little eerie, but now I'll definitely try this with others!)

Now, what's the first thing YOU said when you woke up this morning?


p.s. July 31st's recording was destroyed when my computer crashed.  :-(

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