Monday, December 30, 2013

Love and Marriage

A couple of days ago, I ran across a friend's engagement announcement on Facebook and my first reaction was to cry.  Unfortunately, these were not tears of joy. No, these were selfish, egotistical tears solely for me.  I was jealous.  She found love and marriage, while I'm single again.  Her success seemed to highlight my failure.  And I felt that "why-not-me?" thing big time.  I also felt the forever loss of friendship because I was sure that she, like every other married person I know, would morph into the two-headed creature that doesn't know how to be just your girl friend anymore.  I congratulated her, then went promptly into mourning. Yes, that's dramatic, but it's really how I felt and I'm not sure I was totally wrong...

Anyway, in the middle of that pity party, I had to travel to my cousin's wedding where I was going to see the same family members who I'd been too broke to entertain when they visited me this summer.  Yet another failure of mine to be re-confronted with. That worsened my mood.   So I was drowning in shame and resentment by the time I arrived in Maryland.  And then a funny thing happened:  I got around my family and everything I'd felt like a loser for melted away.  All I felt was the pure joy and acceptance that they showed me. That taught me a great lesson. I am far more fortunate than I'd recognized because a loving family is EVERYTHING.

The wedding was beautiful.  All was full of love.  Nothing else matters.

My cousin Mimi and her groom, Victor, jumping the broom.  Slo-mo vid by my cousin Kah-heri.

Congratulations to Mimi!!!  And huge thanks to my Mom, aunts and cousins for the love and acceptance.

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