Friday, December 13, 2013

Faith, Braids & Nostalgia

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The other day an old friend berated me for “living in the past”.  He told me to give up nostalgia and focus on the present.  And that makes sense, but it made me furious, for some reason.  What's wrong with reminiscing, dammit?!

Maybe it’s because of the crazy ups and downs of this year or maybe I’m just one of those people who love tripping down memory lane, but for the past few months, I feel like I've been deep in a retrospective of my life.  Of course, that means looking at regrets but also reliving the glories, too.  Love’s been a big theme (no surprise there)……remembering old boyfriends and thinking about what I did wrong/right…  There's also been a lot of "what ifs" - pinpointing the fork-in-the-road moments when a different decision would have changed the course of my life.  And a lot of thought about friendships.  I've always considered myself a girl's girl and never understood guys up close, but reviewing the people I trust who've really been true to me and who I'm 100% myself with, I realized that my best friend is actually a guy. A guy I've known since 6th grade. That was a beautiful revelation.  What’s really surprised me, though, is that alongside all these flashbacks, I’m suddenly seeking a taste of religion. After a life dedicated to agnosticism, I’m now looking for faith? Makes me wonder if that is really just another search for love – to be loved, to feel like I belong, to not be alone and insignificant anymore.  And maybe hanging on to old memories is also, in part, my own way of trying to not feel alone and insignificant.

Anywho!  I've also become obsessed with finding new things to do with my hair! J  My micro-braids are practical and easy, but long and straight everyday is boring, so I've started collecting styling ideas for braided looks.  Check out my Pinterest board: Braidspiration.  See anything you like?  ;-)  

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