Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye Bye, '13!

Woooo - it's been a ___ year.  (I'm leaving that spot blank because basically anything I insert there will be true - this year's been all over the place)

Highlights:                                                                     Low Lights:
South Africa                                                                  Going broke
HB Studios                                                                    Losing love
Orange is the New Black                                                Weight struggle
Chris Rock film
The Bridge (SAG short film)

In the end, what I learned is to be a lot kinder to myself; to forgive (others and myself).  I love the words of this old French pop song, On Ira Tous Au Paradis.  It basically translates to "everyone's going to heaven". I listened to it a lot when I lived in Paris so there're good memories attached to it, but most important is its message that there's redemption no matter what mistakes we've made or what our beliefs are - because we all get to go to paradise. I like that idea. And that's how I want to wrap up 2013.

this is a remake tribute version featuring a lot of 90's French music icons

I also want to thank all of you for reading my very random posts on this blog and for always being so kind and supportive.  May 2014 bring us all peace, joy, health and prosperity!  Hugs!!!!

p.s. OK, so I'm just now realizing that Dieudonne is in that video.  Yikes. Back in the '90s when this tribute concert was filmed he was all about anti-racism, that's why he was invited to join the other artists on the tribute.  Unfortunately, things changed later; now, he's associated with some ugly views and is a member of thFront National (the extreme right political party of France).  Just this week he's been in the news about his performances possibly being banned and the offensive "quenelle" salute he invented...  I didn't realize he was in this video until after I posted it.  I'm leaving it as is because my thoughts about the song still stand, but to be clear, I do not support Dieudonne's current views at all.   

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