Monday, December 30, 2013

Actresses I'm Watching: Aissa Maiga

I saw a picture of her and I was mesmerized.  She has a great look.  (She actually reminds me of a woman I once knew - if you know me and remember Aly, then I know you're nodding right now)  Then I researched her film work and saw what a great talent she is.  Aissa Maiga is 38, Senegalese, raised in France, studied sociology and performing arts, and has won a Cesar (that's the equivalent of the Oscar in France, people!).  She was inspired to become an actress after watching Romy Schneider (a German film actress from the 60s who starred in many popular French films).  Aissa's got 30+ credits to her name, and appearances in countless French tv series.  If you saw Paris Je T'aime, then you might recognize her from the vignette titled "Place des Fetes" directed by Oliver Schmitz.

The film that landed her the award, though, was Bamako.  Go see it!

She's said in interviews that she'd love to work in the U.S. with filmmakers like Spike Lee and David Lynch so maybe soon she WILL finally become a household name in Hollywood.  She has definitely earned it.

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