Monday, July 8, 2013

Fat Actress - Workout Challenge #1

I'm having a Kirstie Alley moment.  Over the last year, I've put on A LOT of weight.  Funny thing is even though I know I did this to myself with sloth and gluttony, it still feels like it crept up all of a sudden - like I was fine and then suddenly none of my clothes fit and walking up stairs left me breathless.  I've wanted to talk about that here on the blog for a while because there's this weird idea for actresses that you have to be either super skinny or really big.  There's no inbetween.  I've even been advised by an agent to either gain more weight to so that I fit the "fat girl" casting breakdowns or lose a bunch of weight so that I fit in the "normal" breakdown categories.  Apparently, a 5'8" size 14 woman just doesn't fit the mold.  Specifically, I was told I am too heavy for my "look".  Yeah, that's the kind of critique that, as an actor, you can't take personally even though you can ONLY take it personally....

So, I've been trying to make the best of it and be happy about my body, but I definitely need to step up my workout game and I'd much prefer to get back to single digit clothing sizes.  This weekend, at a family gathering, my cousin Leon mentioned a killer workout I used to do, and that inspired me to get back to it and get serious about getting back in shape.  So here's the workout.  It's by Zuzana Light and it's part of her ZWOW program (Zuzana's Workout of the Week).  The beauty of her workouts is that they are free, SHORT (never more than 20mins), doable anywhere and each move basically works out your whole body so it's efficient.  Also, they classify as high intensity interval training which means quick bursts of super high intensity strength exercise and has been proven to help burn fat longer.  So without further ado, here is the Sexy Spy workout.  It's only 15mins.  I just did it.  It kicked my ass.

And I'll be doing this little workout every day this week.  Then next week, I'll post a different ZWOW and do that one all week and so on.  AND I'D LOVE FOR YOU TO TRY THESE ALONG WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, just give it a shot.  I promise, no matter what your gender or fitness level, you're gonna get something great out of this.

p.s. How sick is Zuzana's body?!  Good God!!!!

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