Monday, July 1, 2013

Here I Go Again...On My Own.

I have to admit something.  Over the last few weeks, my life has been flipped upside down.  Pretty much all my "life plans" have just changed.  Everything.  It's weirdly not painful, though, it feels more like a relief. .....  Actually, no, it does hurt, but I'm trying to focus on purpose over pain.  Things happen when they are supposed to happen and whatever is happening TO you can be the best thing FOR you.  So now I'm rethinking everything about everything - what my life will be, what I'll be doing, where I'll be living, and all the little details in between - by myself.

Hey, the road ain't interesting without a few turns, curves, hills and valleys, right?

p.s. And, yes, it HAD to be the WhiteSnake song. First video I ever became obsesses with as a kid and I still freakin' love the song.  My family would go to a local pizza joint on McNair army base in Berlin; there was a big screen tv on the wall that would play music videos and whenever this one came on I was in awe.  It felt naughty and bad-ass.  Tawny Kitaen writhing all over the hood looked pornographic and the loud big-hair band sound was just "heavy" enough for me.  ;-)

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