Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten Thousand Views??? Wha???!!!

play me  :-)

I logged on the other day and saw that number: 10,000. My lil blog has been viewed over 10,000 times? I almost can't believe it.  How?! What....?  How?!....  I don't have 10,000 posts, nor do I have 10,000 followers, so I really never expect this.  Plus:

1.  This is an ad-free blog.  Nobody's paying me to push any products or mention any services.
2.  I don't have an SEO expert pushing my blog to the top of every internet search result.
3.  My posts are so random that you never know what I'm going to write about. One day it's about acting, another day it's about dating and another time it's about identity crises....   I don't even post on a regular schedule so sometimes months go by between posts.
4.  I'm no celebrity so my thoughts don't move the world...

So that's why that number kinda blows my mind. I haven't been able to wipe the goofy smile off my face since then.  Y'all NEVER comment so it's easy to think I'm just writing into a void, but that number means I'm wrong.  And I'm very happy about that!

Thank you so much for checking in with me whenever and why-ever you do!  It warms my heart to know you REALLY are there.  :-)   I'd love to make this a more interactive space and I'm working on ideas for that, but in the meantime, please let me know if you have blogs that I can support because I'd love to get to know YOU better and support your projects.  If you still don't feel comfortable commenting in public, feel free to email me at tzenanicole@gmail.com.  I love hearing from you and your feedback means a lot!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!

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