Wednesday, June 5, 2013

(Old) Gig Alert: Cuffin' The Web Series

So a couple years ago, I performed in a very indie (read: no-budget - so ignore the sound/lighting/camera issues and just pay attention to the story, ok?) cute web series called "Cuffin'" (which refers to that longish-temporary kind of relationship that many of us seek out when we're between relationships and looking for love, but want more than a random hook up).  I played the role of "Lisa". The series has just been renewed by the producer with a new real budget!!!!  So for old times' sake, here is an old clip of one of our last episodes.  :-)  Laugh, love, cringe, question...whatever!  I loved working on this series and the great news is that it will improve - a lot!  Later this year, the bigger, better new season will be released.  For now, please enjoy this vintage footage.  ;-)

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