Friday, June 7, 2013

Driving... Oy.

Everybody can do it.  Kids can, even dogs can.  Everybody can, apparently, except me.  I've been taking driving lessons for the last few weeks in preparation for my road test next week and yesterday my instructor told me I wasn't ready. Talk about feeling like a loser....

It was the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy last year when I was stranded without power for 47 days, stuck and dependent on others for help, that left me determined to finally learn to drive .  I swore I'd never be in that position again.  Driving is freedom.  Driving is power.  So as soon as I could (a few months later) I started the process.  Studied and passed the written test easily, then set my sights on taking the road test within 3 months.  Not meeting that goal is really getting under my skin.

I can parallel park like a pro, but I'm nervous as hell in traffic and it doesn't help that my new instructor screams at me, smacks me, berates me and snatches the steering wheel mid-traffic.  When he's shouting at me that I'm not relaxed enough (which of course has the exact opposite effect), it reminds me of a management joke my old boss said once, "The beheadings will continue until morale improves!".   I had a GREAT instructor at first - he was encouraging, patient, calming - but he went on vacation, so now his boss is teaching me and this man style is just tyrannical.  Yesterday, I lost my cool and had a melt-down in the car while driving.  Yes, a melt-down, an old fashioned crying fit, hyperventilation heaving included.  I kept driving, he kept screaming.  I left the lesson shaking.  Now, I'm worried if I'll ever learn to be comfortable on the road...  Anyone else have trouble learning to drive???  Any tips?!

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