Friday, June 21, 2013

Audition Reality Check

I love auditions, for me it's an exciting playtime.  I'm usually pretty relaxed about them.  But today I had an audition that was more than that to me.  I got the call last week and it presented me with the opportunity of a lifetime: to work internationally, singing and acting in first class productions and earning a good salary with great benefits.  I WANTED IT - big time.  So I put everything I had into preparing for the audition: I spent money on a new voice coach, sheet music, et al; and I sang my heart out for hours everyday (I'm sure my neighbors loved that) in order to ensure my voice was strong.  I learned new songs and studied composers...  I went all out.  I was told to prepare 16 bars of a Bacharach and a Gershwin song and to bring my book (in case they wanted to hear me sing something else).  I diligently pulled all that together and drilled it endlessly for a week.

My timeslot was 1:15pm today and walked in there all bubbly and ready to blow the casting director away!  That's when it all went...differently.  And that's an important reality of auditioning, too.

I won't get into details, I'll just say that this one wasn't the warmest fuzziest of experiences.

So, today, I had to relearn a few lessons:
1.  The reality is that sometimes casting directors are sitting in that audition room all day, seeing a conveyor belt of actors, so they sometimes multitask during your audition (reading emails, eating lunch, reading paperwork, whatever...).  Just because it's your big moment doesn't mean it's theirs.  So don't get caught up in their reactions - just do you best work.
2.  Don't get overly invested in any audition.  I think I may have obsessed about this one and I'm not sure that that was smart.  Focus and preparation are necessary, for sure, don't get desperate.
3.  Be prepared to be thrown curveballs (like changes to the material you're required to present, visual or audio obstructions, physicality restrictions... anything).
4.  Sometimes, the people at the casting table won't be who you're expecting (sometimes, it might not even be a casting director at all, but an intern filling in).

Anyway, I did my thang.  Getting the gig would be great!  Either way, the experience was priceless and made me a stronger performer.  

p.s.  I'll post my Audition Look tomorrow.  :-)

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