Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All Up In The Background

Ah, background work (otherwise known as being an extra); a rite of passage for ALL actors.  Love it or hate it, proud or ashamed of it, it's part of the journey at some point in this career and, really, anytime you're on a professional set, you're very fortunate.  It's a great learning and networking opportunity. Anyway, I just looked through some background listings and had a little giggle:

Hmm... If you replaced "Russian" with "Jersey", would you get the same look?

Hipster casting calls are all the rage lately. Love that they specifically mention beards.

The obligatory background hooker role... 

And the next time you see a stripper doing her thing in the background of a scene, know that this is the kind of casting announcement she answered... (p.s. I love that the show is looking for both thick and thin ladies for this!  Realism!)

"Female Mom Type"? opposed to a "male mom type"?....

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