Friday, June 21, 2013

Embarrassing Moments? The Nip Incident

A funny thing happened in my film scene study class yesterday.....

It all started in the morning when, based the warm weather and the limited amount of clean clothes options available (I need to do laundry - like NOW), I threw on a tank top and skipped putting on a bra. know where this is going because you're smarter than I am, clearly.  So all morning, I'm feeling fine.  I do my big scene in film class - in front of 15 fellow students and 2 teachers crowded around the big-screen monitor watching me on screen.  It goes well - I get great feedback on my work.  Then as I walk out of class, one of the students pulls me aside and whispers..........."Um, next time you should be careful to cover your nipples."  OH. EMM. GEE.  Yeah.  My high beams were apparently on the ENTIRE TIME and no one bothered to mention that to me BEFORE or between the 5 takes of filming my scene.  Hair, makeup, position, eyeline, marks, sooooo many things are carefully checked for a shot, but no one makes sure that an actress' nipples aren't popping out?!?!  (And no, it wasn't "that kind" of scene!)

Mortifying and hilarious at the same time.

So here's what I learned:  Ladies, ALWAYS check yourself for boobage issues whenever you're going to be on camera.  Don't rely on anyone else to do that check for you.

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  1. Bet the class gave you a standing ovation!lol


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