Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Teleprompter Debacle

I decided to add a new skill to my acting toolbox so I'm now taking tv hosting classes. I just KNEW I'd be great at it.  Ha!!! Pride goeth before the fall...  Last night was the first class: Teleprompter Reading. And I completely bombed!  HARD.  So hard that I cried out of sheer embarrassment.  It's weird that I can feel completely at ease with long complex Shakespearean monologues, yet be completely discombobulated by having to read words on a screen.  Guess my first mistake was assuming it was that simple.  You've got to stand still, read the words yet inject your own lines/jokes here and there, keep your hands below frame,  keep your eyes and body language engaged on a personal level, be natural, completely ignore all distractions around you, watch your pace, use pauses, and on and on and on.....all of which I failed to do because I became a jittery bundle of nerves.  FAIL.  I now have way more respect for everyone on tv who uses a teleprompter - hell, everyone on tv who does any kind of hosting/interviewing! It might look simple, but I'm telling you it definitely ain't easy at first!  I'm sticking with the training though because despite that debacle, I kinda loved the feeling of talking directly into the camera.  ;-)

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