Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Eyes Have It

I've been doing the exact same makeup look since I was 16. How lame is that?  Black eyeliner, heavy mascara and super shiny lip gloss.  Yeah...raccoon chic....and I'm fine with that!  I do wish I could get into the whole artistry of the maquillage thing (that's just the French word for make up, by the way), but I'm thoroughly intimidated by it, plus I'm not interested in ever spending more than 10 minutes on my face.  Once, I did the smoky eye thing for a date with a hot musician I was trying to impress, only to have him tell me "You look like a cartoon".  Ha!  Never again.

But when I ran across this chart by EverWright on Hair Romance this week, I kinda got inspired to experiment again. (At the very least, I can use it in theatre for characters - cartoonish or not!) So many different styles! And they all look so simple here...

Each eye makeup sketch pertains to a different fashion designer and is specific to their respective collections in 2011.  

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