Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Guess who this is?.....  Hint, she's the only living Golden Girl left!
Ok, blame this one on my insomnia.  I've been watching a Golden Girls marathon since 2am (oh, cable tv, when will you stop being dominated by reruns and infomercials?!) and two things hit me:

1. Damn, these ladies were good!  Sit-com acting can get pretty cheesy, but these ladies did their sctick with easy rhythm and soul.  And their characters were dead on!  I remember hearing once that, originally, Rue McClanahan was actually slated to play the Rose Nylund, country bumpkin role and Betty White was to play the sex crazed Blanche Deveraux.  As much as we know them for the opposite characters, these actresses were so good that I know they'd've been equally brilliant in that original configuration. And I don't know what else Estelle Getty did as an actress, but she was a little phenom as Sophia.

2. Why don't we have more tv shows with seasoned actors?  Why is every show about teenagers and self-indulgent twenty-somethings?!  Showbiz vets just bring so much more to the table. I mean Bea Arthur could do more with a 3 second look than most actors can do with a 5 minute monologue. MASTER.

But I started this post with an old headshot of Betty White because - despite the fact that I think today's pop culture obsession with her has overtones of condescension towards the elderly - we should all be so lucky to have a life and love like hers.  

Oooh! Now, Boston Legal is on - I think I loved her most in that!  .....Ok, I have just blogged about the Golden Girls, I am definitely going a little cuckoo.  Sleep - must get sleeeeeeeeeep!

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