Saturday, April 13, 2013

Free shoes for Actors! (and mama neeeeeeeeds a new pair of shoes)

the tattered shoes I wore to today's audition.  oy.

Walking home from an audition this morning, I realized that there was a hole in my shoe.  And reminded me of something I learned recently!  THERE'S A GRANT FOR ACTORS TO GET FREE SHOES FOR AUDITIONS.  Things like that give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about this crazy ass profession.  Almost 70 years ago, actor Conrad Cantzen recognized that for most of his colleagues, money was already spread so thinly that they didn't even think about the shoes they wore to auditions. A big mistake, in his eyes.  So he decided to help out his brethren by leaving his estate to donate money for the cause.  And the money is still available!  It's called the Conrad Cantzen Shoe Fund.

"In 1945, actor Conrad Cantzen bequeathed his estate to The Actors Fund with the stipulation that it should be used to help actors purchase shoes so they did not appear "down at the heels" when auditioning. Mr. Cantzen believed that a good pair of shoes made a great first impression on casting directors.
This Memorial Fund reimburses eligible performing arts and entertainment professionals up to $40.00 towards a pair of shoes costing no more than $100.00."
Actors:  All you need to do is submit an application, a receipt for shoes you purchased plus a copy of your union card and you'll get $40.  Get to it!  Of course, $40 ain't gonna buy your next Blahniks or Loubous, but it'll take a nice chunk out of the cost of character shoes for a dance/musical audition - and it'll certainly help you get a decent, flattering pair of pumps/flats that make your legs look "wow" (and whatever the male equivalent is....).  

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