Friday, April 19, 2013

Party in a Purse! Booze in a bag done the right way

Photo of Vernissage Wine Purse c/o NPR

Um, how the hell did I miss this coming out last year and how can I GET ONE FOR EVERY ONE OF MY GIRLFRIENDS?!  Vernissage, a Swedish wine company has packaged a box wine in a sexy little tote that rivals the cutest designer purses out there.  This is the perfect accessory for my boozy picnics with friends and now that spring is here, 'tis the season... (i.e. park and music festival season)! The black bag holds a red wine blend, Syrah - Cabernet Sauvignon.  The white bag holds a white, Chardonnay.  And the pink holds a Rosé (yeah, that'll probably be my fave (I do love a good crisp Rosé...).  Now, please, please, please let the wine be good - the idea is too cute to be ruined by bad flavor!

And don't be snooty about boxed wine.  Screw tops and Rosés went from declassé to hot in just a few years.

So..... I'll be needing a bulk order, can I buy these by the crate?...  or are these refillable....   :-)

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