Monday, March 18, 2013

SOUTH AFRICA: Day 8 Cape Town

THE GATSBY!  (or the best hangover cure ever)

March 8th

It rained ALL DAY - the hard, unrelenting, driving kind of downpour that makes you stay inside. So we, dwellers of Penthouse on Long, hung out in the lounge for most of the day chatting, playing games and watching films.  Then Werner, a Boer staying in my dorm, came in with a giant sandwich and I remembered that one of the Capetonians who'd been stuck in that day long layover in London with me had insisted that I try a Gatsby when I got to Cape Town.  Considering that it looked liked I'd be tucked inside all day, it seemed like the perfect time to try one of those bad boys.  So I ran out to a place called Frydays (basically a chain fish and chips shop) and got myself a Gatsby!

Oh, man......  This thing must've been invented by someone with a massive hangover.  It's got everything you need: bread, meat, salad and fries. I got one with chicken, but you can get them with sausage, ham and something else that I forget... but not fish (at least, I don't think).  It's about 2 feet long, weights about 5lbs and is about 6 inches wide.  Seriously, you have to hold the entire thing with both hands.  They slice it into quarters. I figured, it's Friday and this thing will feed me for the weekend. Best part: it only costs 40 Rand which is about $5.

an entire loaf of bread...

a little lettuce

some tomatoes

sauteed chicken

and the biggest heap of fries ever

wrapped and quartered

the lovely lady who made my Gatsby

here's one quarter of my Gatsby - still massive for a sandwich! had to eat with a fork and knife
(it's doused with ketchup and/or vinegar, but i think the next version should be with gravy!)

Later that night, a bunch of us went out to catch a musician's set at a bar down the street...

(that's Werner, the one who reminded me about the Gatsby, in the green shirt)

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