Saturday, March 16, 2013

SOUTH AFRICA: Day 5 Cape Town

March 5th

To the beach!!!!

There's one reason and one reason alone that I've daydreamed about coming to Cape Town for and that's surfing.  So even with city life - get me to a beach!  Cape Town sits at the verge of two oceans.  The Atlantic Ocean on the west side is freezing (something about Antarctica and the currents...), the Indian Ocean on the east side, however, is warm and lovely.  So that's where I'm headed:  Muizenberg beach.

I'm pleased to find that surfing lessons aren't uncommon here.  Little kids, school kids, adults, all sizes, all colors (yes, Black people DO surf - hell, even some of the instructors are Black!)... all types are here throughout the day getting lessons.  Once again, I know I'm home.

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