Thursday, March 21, 2013

SOUTH AFRICA: Day 11 Cape Town

March 11th

It's my birthday! Maybe that's why I've been so obsesses with my age lately. I woke up happy today, but somehow it faded fast. I'm not depressed about getting older, it's more about questioning where I am in life now. It's definitely good to be celebrating this birthday here in SA, a place I've wanted to come to for years and now while I'm producing my first actual film project. My life is good. I would say that I'm blessed, but that implies that someone else isn't and I just don't believe in that. I'm definitely lucky, I'll admit to that. I've had opportunities that other might only dream about. Some of them I've capitalized on, others I've squandered. Sometimes, I've learned my lessons, sometimes I haven't...  There are plenty of decisions I would change, if I could, but at the same time, I'm grateful for everything that has gotten me here.

Today's schedule was hectic: Table Mountain, surfing lesson, Cape Point (the Cape of Good Hope), then a party at the pub down the street.  A BIG DAY.

...and then back to work on this film.  It's the first project that I'll be producing solely and it's purely to prove to myself that I can do this and to make one of my dreams come true.  That's the best birthday gift I can think of for myself and being in Cape Town to kick it off is the best way I can think of to begin my 38th year.  Happy birthday to me.

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