Sunday, December 2, 2012

my november

i can sum it up in one word: Sandy

the flooding made my home unlivable.  a month later, there's still no power in my house.  so i'm a refugee staying here and there a few days at a time. i've never prayed for "normal" so much in my life. i just want to go home. 

i've learned a lot, though. in times like these you realize who your friends are. i'm a very lucky girl. but the most important thing i learned is that home is where your community is, not where the nicest apartment is.  i've feathered my nest beautifully over the last 7 years, but i never really made roots in the neighborhood. so in my time of need, the people who reached out to help me weren't neighbors but friends who lived miles away.  that got me thinking.  it doesn't matter how nice my place is if it feels isolated from my loved ones.

being without a home this month has meant being flexible, having a lot of plan "b"s and staying strong in the midst of high stress.  life lessons.

here are some images of that unforgettable month.  my november:

updating friends a few days after the storm

Our mayor was conspicuously absent after the storm

might be homeless, but still have to VOTE!

neighbors came together to help each other

never saw the red cross, but plenty of neighbors helped out

70,000 cars were destroyed by the floods, so our local dapper don pimp-style gent lost his Caddy and now rides public transport

homelessness won't ruin girls' night

wisdom from Hunter Thompson

got my eyebrows tinted for the first time ever! Groucho Marx look anyone?

this time mom garnished the mac and cheese with olives and it was delish! stealing that idea.

one of the hotels the FEMA put me in offered condoms with the mini-bar. ha! somebody was thinking.

a private "This Is Your Life" performance for a friend's going away party. c/o K. Hatcher

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