Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why did they do it? Part 2

Update!  Looks like the actors of "Innocence of Muslims" are talking more about their participation in the film.  Lawsuits, outrage, accusations of being misled...  Most important, I think, are the accusations of mis-dubbing.  Reports are that the name "Muhammed" was dubbed over another name that the actors were actually saying - that would mean intentional deception/manipulation.  Man, if ever it was proven that film is NOT the actor's forum...!  (In film, the director can cut and edit your performance to create any end product he/she wants and that's the audience sees - not your entire performance.  In theatre, there are no cuts/edits, what you do reaches the audience directly and immediately.)  The cast of this film, if they truly were deceived and manipulated, are in an awful situation.

But I do have a couple of questions for them:
1. Even as a story of "life 2000 years ago", didn't the references to Islam in the script hint at an agenda?
2. Actors are often called in post production to record pick ups and/or voiceovers.  Who dubbed in the "Muhammed" pick ups - becuase if it was the same cast, then, at least, by then they knew had to know what was afoot, right?

Interesting tidbit: Here's what's believed to have been the casting notice for the film.  (Was it also on CraigsList?)  (Also, notice it was another unpaid gig, ugh...)

"Original Call Cast on site: http://… (read all …)


Historical desert drama set in Middle East. Indie Feature film shoots 18 days in L.A. in August. Studio and backlot locations.

Male Roles: DR. MATTHEW (Lead): Middle Eastern Pharmacist, 40-50, intelligent, family man; GEORGE (Lead); 40-50, Middle Eastern warrior leader, romantic, charismatic; YOUNG GEORGE (featured) 18-22; PRIEST (featured): 60-70, bearded; ABDO (featured), 60-70, Elder tribe leader; ISRAELI MEN 30-50 (featured); WARRIORS (featured) 18-50, Various Middle Eastern types, bearded.

Female Roles: CONDALISA (featured) 40, attractive, successful, strong willed; HILLARY (featured) 18 but must look younger, petite; innocent; YOUSTINA (featured) 16-18, Daughter of doctor; MIDDLE EASTERN WOMEN (Various Featured Roles) 18-40, attractive, exotic; OLDER WOMAN (featured) 60-70, feisty.

Please place Role desired in SUBJECT: line of email.
Indicate SAG or NON-SAG
Require phone contact for immediate interview in Beverly/LaCienega area.

•Location: Los Angeles
•it’s ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
•Compensation: no pay
•OK to contact me about appearing in CL documentary series"

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