Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Geschwisterliebe" - Go See This Film

a school friend of mine died last year. i can't really explain what he meant to me and how deeply his death affected me, but i think of him nearly every day, even though it had been many years since i'd seen him. distance isn't really distance... his life impacted and inspired me continually. his ambition, drive, leadership and artistry awed me.

two weeks ago, out of the blue, a mutual friend sent me a message about his film coming to the NY International Film Festival and his film-making partner coming to town for the screening. my heart leapt! i can't wait to see his work and share memories of him.

the film is a story about shame, rage, and life in the Turkish/German community of Berlin ...based on a true story.  the title literally translated means sibling love and in thecrux of the story is an awful event: a young man rapes his sister. it makes my skin crawl, but it's these are the very topics we have to confront and expose.  "Geschwisterliebe" - find this film and see it. 

Rest in eternal peace, Markus.  You are still as powerful and relevant as you were in life.  Love.

Friday, July 27, 2012

"Failure Club"

was just looking online for a handyman and came across this show. ... just when i needed a little inspiration to break through the wall of fear i'm frozen in front of... Failure Club follows a group people for a year while they go after their dreams. This is like a support group.
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