Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year in Review


JANUARY:  the end of the rock star fantasy  
 a last fun moment with him when i still thought we were something...

FEBRUARY:  most humiliating night of my life
i went to his Valentine's Day dinner concert here, only to find out he was dumping me for his ex - who was there, too.  humiliating doesn't even begin to describe how that felt. 

MARCH:  my first birthday party!
first time i've ever thrown my own bday party...a gang of friends, ace hotel, lots of booze, good times...

APRIL:  the dating game

for the first time in my life, i actually dated like a normal person; just going out casually on fun dates with NICE guys - rather than intensely crushing on one poor soul for ages, expecting love & marriage then crumbling over the inevitable let-down.  so nice to finally just enjoy the playful side of attraction.  (there were a few more than these pics and, in particular, a certain independent music producer who made a big impression on me...but i can't find more pics!)  another beautiful dating discovery in 2011: THE BLACK MAN!  (not sure how that didn't happen before - blame it on growing up in Europe?...whatever.  good times....

MAY:  becoming a member of the Earth-allujah family
joining this activist group led by Rev. Billy gave a home.  Earth-allujah!  

JUNE:  back to the bard

it's not really summer if i'm not costumed up, doing Shakespeare in a park somewhere.
this summer it was A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Photos by Ray Schwartz (all rights reserved).

JULY:  high school reunion - first time in Vegas
 Berlin American High School all-graduating-year reunion.  My first time in Vegas (I guess we couldn't arrange to meet back in Berlin).  I didn't know anyone there, but I still had a blast!

AUGUST:  the bridge is over
i stupidly fell back into believing the fantasy that the rock star was my guy.  we'd made a pact to meet on the brooklyn bridge 6 months after the nastiness (see February).  corny?  sure, but it sounded so romantic...  of course, he no-showed and i felt like a nincompoop - but it finally knocked some sense into me.   Fantasy shattered - reality check!  Live in the present with what you've got, not in the fantasy of what may come.  Photo credit: Frank Winters

SEPTEMBER:  two weddings and a Revolution


busy, world changing month...

OCTOBER:  the journey within
therapy can be a beautiful thing...  decided to see a male shrink to understand my man-troubles.  ...still working on it...



trip of a lifetime!

DECEMBER:  the good spirit
usually, i feel this way about holiday decorations... but, this year, was different.  i put up garlands, a tree and stuffing stockings with gifts.  really felt good.  i'm growing up.  Photo c/o NBC Chicago

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