Sunday, January 22, 2012

They call him the new Fela: Blitz the Ambassor (& my dance workout)

spent Friday night dancing around my living room to Blitz the Ambassador's albums. couldn't stop for hours - it was just so good (excellent workout - i'm still sore!).  to me, THIS is the future of hip hop - not Drake, Lil Wayne, et al, but these international voices with something bigger to talk about than consumerism and machismo.  shout out to my friend, Lisa, for introducing me to this music last summer. i can't get enough! check out all his stuff. this particular video, "Best I Can" from his Native Sun album takes me back to my days vagabonding around Ghana and Togo.  those streets, those faces, those markets, my people....  memories.

(it kinda kills me that i lost ALL my east and west Africa pics when my laptop died.  ugh)

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