Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gig Alert: Safe Horizons

This week I was in a sizzle reel for Safe Horizon, a non-profit human rights organization that helps women and children escaping violence and trafficking.  I played a victim of sex trafficking who's made a new start thanks to the services of Safe Horizon...  The production team was Iron Way Films - awesome guys!  The shoot location was Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
And I booked the gig via Facebook (!) - the film director posted on a request for resumes of minority actresses on the wall of a friend of mine who does a lot of commercials.  I inboxed the guy immediately, sent him my "press kit" and got the job; no audition!  So the message for this one is don't sleep on social media - it's a great tool not just for networking, but for actually booking work.

(That is NOT me in the photo - I'll post my sizzle reel once i get copy.  This image is from

If you know someone being victimized by sex or labor trafficking, please call Safe Horizon's 24 hotline: 
1-800-621-HOPE (4673) 

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