Friday, December 9, 2011

Gig Alert: Cuffin'

I just got cast in the new web series Cuffin'!  Check out the promo!

Since I always get emails asking about details behind booking gigs, I've decided to answer everyone in this forum:

How'd I book this?
I submitted my headshot and resume via

What was the audition like?
It was a little different from the usual, which was refreshing. Instead of just reading sides and/or doing  a monologue then leaving, this process began with an interview. The show's creator and one of the other actors told me about the project and asked me about myself. Then we talked about the character and upcoming episodes. Next, I read a short voiceover which was filmed. Right after that, I was asked to stay for the callbacks which would be done in group form. About a dozen of us were called back. The creator and director had us improv a scene with the actor who was already playing the love interest of the character we were auditioning for. Improving in front of your competitors! That was kind of exhilarating! Finally, we performed an actual scene from the script - again, in front of everyone - then we were done. It all took about an hour.

Did I know I'd "hit" it during the audition?
No, I wasn't sure about whether I'd be cast, but I felt confident about my choices throughout.

Who is involved in the project?
The creator is Brittney Adina. She's, actually, a dancer and this is her first time doing something like this, but she's got the full package! She writes, produces, directs and stars in this project and 6 episode are already written and scheduled for shooting. This is a woman to watch!
The actor who plays my character's love interest was brilliant at the audition. Frank gave each improv with each actress his full energy, making fresh and generous choices. Yeah, this one's a star in the making!

Why'd I say yes?
I could tell immediately that, while this is a low-budget project, the players are serious and this project will go far. The content is rich and the team is professional, energetic and dedicated.


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