Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love, Peace & Forgiveness: A Hiroshima Story

I had the incredible honor of meeting Mr. Takeshi "Thomas" Tanemori, a survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing.  His story is shocking.  His life is a lesson in ultimate humanity.  I was in a group of nine actors who read poems in English and Japanese on the bombings, the aftermath, and the concepts of revenge and forgiveness.  And then Mr. Tanemori spoke to the audience.  Not one person moved, the room was pin-drop-silent - everyone felt the immensity of his words.  If we could harness the power of peace...

Love and Peace 2010 - Revenge to Forgiveness.  Poetry Reading and Hiroshima Survivor's Story
First row (l to r):  Yumi Tanaka (Director, Producer), Mr. Tanemori and his seeing-eye dog, and Keiko Tsuyama
Second row (l to r):  Geneva Carr, Ikuma Isaac, ____, me, Scott Sowers, Donna Tsufura, Asuka Derfler

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