Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Manhattan, Then Berlin

Am I seriously considering moving to Berlin?  I definitely need a change of scenery.  Part of me wants to run away from some complicated personal s*%# here.  Another part of me loves adventure and the freedom of starting over.  And a third part of me thinks it would be a smart career move.  But I wondered how I could want to leave NYC, the greatest city on Earth.  Then I heard old Leonard Cohen singing "First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin". That was like a sign.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Gig: S/He

Last week I performed in a staged reading of a new play called "S/He" by Nick Mwaluko.  Great cast and great producers - Mixed Phoenix.  Getting this part was a huge success for me because I was invited to audition for a supporting character, but I really wanted a shot at the lead.  The director reluctantly gave me a chance so I poured myself into preparation for the audition.  Then, stupidly, I got my wisdom teeth removed two hours before the audition.  (What was I thinking?)  I really thought the numbness would subside in time.  Of course, it didn't but there was only one shot at the audition, so, totally numb from the nose down and bleeding, I went anyway and delivered my performance in the voice of Elmer Fudd.  Shockingly, I got it!  Lesson:  Show up and give everything you've got; talent shines through all obstacles.
Anyway, the play is an edgy piece about a transgender woman transitioning from female to male.  The writing is raw, confrontational, and touching.  Nick Mwaluko is in the Public Theater's Emerging Writers Group.  Wish him much success!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oprah had to shave her head once, too!

I'm still struggling with my short hair so it was comforting to learn that even the mighty Oprah once lost all her hair her at the hands of an overzealous stylist, too.  Check her video explaining the disaster - here.

Hers grew back long, strong and thick.  So can mine. 
Thanks BGLHonline.com for the inspiration.
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