Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday, an earthquake of over 7 on the Richter Scale hit Haiti.  We all know that now.  But what can we do?  How can we help?  Everybody can't pick up and run there to offer a hand.  Prayer is great, but it isn't enough.  Here is a list of easy things we can do RIGHT NOW to give resources to programs that are already on the ground in Haiti:

1. Red Cross - make a donation on the website or text the word "HAITI" to the tel # 90999, an automatic $10 donation will be made to the Red Cross' earthquake emergency response fund.
2.  Support Doctors Without Borders.  They work in 3 free hospitals in and around the capital, serving the slum areas and shanty towns that have been completely destroyed by the quake.  Make a donation on their website or volunteer in any of their offices to support logistics.
3.  Support Partners in Health.  By teaming up with Haitian doctors and nurses they've been able to provide free and permanent health care in remote communities since 1987.  Make a donation on their website AND do this simple thing:  add a supportive signature to your email via Reply For All which will make a small donation to Partners in Health every time an email is sent with this signature.  Instructions are here.
4.  Contact your local Goodwill or Salvation Army to see if they are donating supplies to Haiti.  Many are (and more will, if we ask).
5.  Yele - This is artist Wyclef Jean's non-profit organization providing community service in Port-au-Prince.  Send a text with the word "Yele" to the tel # 510 510 which will result in an automatic donation of $5 do the organization.

And of course, we should support the standard organizations that have been there for decades:  UNICEF, WORLD VISION, SAVE THE CHILDREN.  

There's so much more, but we can all do these things TODAY for a start.

Haiti map courtesy of Lonely Planet.

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