Monday, January 11, 2010

The Freshman 15 - in my Junior Year

When my skinny jeans wouldn't come up my thighs, I thought things were bad.  When my fat jeans were tight, I knew things were out of control .  The scale confirmed it Saturday: I've put on 13 lbs since November (and probably 15% more fat).  Unacceptable.  What happened?  I let cheese back into my life for all the holidays (damn!), but more importantly, I just stopped moving - completely.  I cut out all exercise to make time for schoolwork.  So I was sitting at work all day, then sitting at home all night.  Result: Fat and flabbiness. Yikes.  So I'm jumping back into my regimen and I've teamed up with a friend, to keep us both motivated.  Starting tonight, we'll hit yoga class twice a week.  And, looks like I'll have to go back to a gym membership so I can squeeze in an early morning spin class and get into the sauna a couple times a week.  These thighs will not be rubbing together by Valentine's Day.

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