Thursday, August 27, 2009

Health: Yoga to the People

I worked with a wonderful musical theatre actress in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Ann Elyse, and she kept mentioning a yoga studio called Yoga to the People. When she said their classes were only $7, I knew I had to try them. Tuesday, I finally did and it was fan-bloody-tastic! I'm hooked. I took the Hot Yoga Flow class which differs from Bikram yoga only in that the series of positions is not restricted to Bikrams twice repeated 26 asanas (the room is still 105°F). It was a real challenge - not just for me but for seasoned yogis in the room. We all had to take breaks several times, but I stuck with it for the full 90 minutes and I'm so proud of that. It was, actually, great to do an activity in which everyone was sweating profusely, not just me!

Image credit: Yoga to the People

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