Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finding the point

I'm breaking from the third person. It wasn't working.
I just saw Julie and Julia and walked away not only appreciating the story and great acting, but recognizing that blogging needs a clear goal. I thought of all my favorite blogs and none of them were ambling diaries like mine. I needed to find a purpose - and I did.
Going forward, I'll be writing daily about 7 aspects of my life I will be working on over the next 365 days. I'm in a rut and this project will, hopefully, get me out. I'm banking on accountability motivating me. Each day will be dedicated to updating my weekly progress in one of these categories:
Mondays - Education: Finish bachelor's degree, get into grad school (MA Applied Theatre @ CUNY)
Tuesdays - Spirit: Continue therapy, learn small talk, become comfortable being photographed
Wednesdays - Finances: Clean up credit report, live debt-free (exc. mortgage), own a home, save $5K
Thursdays - Health: Reach EquiFit goals, drop 40 lbs, clear up skin, tone everything, eat lactose-free
Fridays - Love: Go on 50 dates, return all calls from friends, host 2 dinner parties, help 10 loved-ones
Saturdays - Service: Join Big Sister program, reduce plastic use, volunteer once a week
Sundays - Career: Sign with an agent (no more freelancing), earn $5K from acting, book 1 int'l project

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