Monday, August 24, 2009

Education: 5 Days 'Til School Starts & Where Roxanne Shante Is NOW

These are the classes I'll be taking this coming semester:
  • Urban Anthropology (110)
  • Computer Fundamentals & Application (101)
  • Nature of New York (201)
  • Intro to Philosophy (101)
  • Art and Civilization (201)
Nothing too interesting there, but all courses I need for the degree. The Nature of NY (science class about local flora and fauna, I think) might be fun; and Philosophy and Anthropology could be right up my alley. Who knows?
I've been trying to get through CUNY's online student orientation for several hours, now. Either Blackboard 8 doesn't like my computer or the site's just overloaded. Trying not to be frustrated. Also trying not to freak out about the amount of work that's about to hit me. 5 classes and a full time job?!
On another note, I loved reading this NY Daily News article about former hip-hop star Roxanne Shanté getting her record company to pay for all her college education and, subsequently, becoming a psychologist specializing in treating African-Americans (notorious for not "believing" in therapy).
Her record company cheated her out of her earnings, par for the course it seems, but she remembered a little clause buried in the contract and fought for it. Now she's "giving back" to her community in a real way through her customized therapy and college scholarships. If every hip-hop artist would follow in her footsteps, it could change a race!

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