Friday, August 7, 2009

Digital TV is a Joke

She will be tossing the tv out of the window! Why did we ever have to switch from analog? With a $40 tv and a $20 antenna she'd gotten perfect reception on all the standard networks in any part of the house. Now she'd spent $450 on an HD tv and $70 on HD antennas yet couldn't get more than the ABC stations, two Spanish language stations, and a religious station. And the antennas were so fragile they couldn't receive transmissions though stucco walls?! AND the few channels available seemed to freeze every few minutes! And for what? To see people's zits and wrinkles up close?

How did we ever allow cable companies to convince us that we needed this mandatory "upgrade"? It's clearly meant to create future cable customers. She wouldn't cave. Network and public television should remain free.

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